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Helios High Performance Exterior Film Series

April 3, 2013 - USA

Quality that runs deep and a variety of shades that let your imagination run wild.

The new Helios 80 window film for external application combines all the benefits of the proven LLumar® Helios range.

DÜSSELDORF – April 3, 2013 – Helios exterior window films, part of the LLumar® brand family, have been at the forefront of the market in quality and functionality for many years. With the launch of new Helios 80 film, Solutia Inc., a subsidiary of Eastman Chemical Company, has added another high-quality window film to their expanding product range.

Once installed, the new Helios 80 is designed to provide up to 77% visible light transmission and very low distortion, so that your view to the outside world remains clear. The external reflectivity is as negligible as that of standard low-e glazing and so, being almost invisible, it has minimal impact on the overall aesthetics of the building.

Like other films in the Helios solar control range, Helios 80 can provide effective protection against solar heat gain, but it a lso has a high level of Infra Red (IR) radiation blocking. This can mean, for example, lower air-conditioning costs for rooms that are fitted with the new film or simply lower solar heat gain in summer. The exceptional performance of Helios films on the example of RHE 20 window film has been confirmed in a widely noted study by the University of Padua, and is already proven in many applications all over the world.

Helios 80 high-performance exterior film can be applied to single, double and triple glazing, even Low-E coated glazing. The superior scratch resistant (SR) coating on Helios 80 offers excellent protection and extends the durability of the film, enabling LLumar to offer a warranty of 7 years on vertical glazing and 5 years on sloping glazing (slope not less than 20 degrees from horizontal).

Trusted durability

With LLumar, you not only get the look you want, you also get a high performing, durable window film. Trust LLumar for:

  • professional installation
  • guaranteed colour stability
  • a strong scratch resistant coating
  • a lifetime limited manufacturer’s warranty *
  • proudly made in the USA products

*Certain restrictions apply; see an authorised dealer for warranty details.